Winter crazy “sagre”: festivals time in Italy


Each year, with the yellowing of the leaves and the arrival of the first rains, the whole of Italy is preparing for the long winter, greeting the new fruits of the earth that only autumn brings. Thus, in every corner of our beautiful country, festivals and celebrations, not always religious, welcome the change of season and colours that gently accompanies the winter weather. The coming of  fog and rain, the view of bare trees and a few leaves carried by the wind, in addition, also affect the state of mind of the individual.  All this, as happens to us today, also occurred in the past, with the difference that having a more limited number of resources, attempts were made to face the winter with the fruits of their land. In memory of old traditions, so many more festivals (called “sagre”) brighten the autumn and the winter and prepare your body and mind to the arrival of winter in the best way.

We choose 5 crazy ones:

Fiera Fredda (Cold Fair) – Borgo San Dalmazzo (CU), Piedmont (Thursday, December 4, 2014 – Monday, December 8, 2014)

This fair in honour of the patron saint is celebrated in Borgo San Dalmazzo from 1569 until when the then majors got the grant from Emanuele Filiberto for developing it. Since then, this appointment was renewed each year and has always been an important meeting point for all the inhabitants of the valleys. They converge on the town of Borgo and take the opportunity to obtain the latest supplies before the long winter period during which, because of unfavourable weather conditions often, every ride became a difficult journey.
Throughout the period of the exhibition, inside the equippedp avilion  of Palazzo Bertello, the Piedmont town is busy with appointments and events that aim to raise awareness of the image of the city, the valleys of the district, and of course the focus is on the local products, with particular attention to ‘helix pomatia Alpine” meaning the snail(!) and its gastronomic excellence.

Festival of the Triveneto Codfish –  (September 12 to December 3, 2014)

One of the most anticipated events travelling to all lovers of cod. Prepare your taste and choose the stage closest to you: for three months, thirty chefs of the best restaurants of Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino-Alto Adige will open doors to many palates in search of new emotions.  90 recipes to reinterpret in a totally new and creative the classic dishes from Triveneto: the king sea salt cod. A great competition will start from Trento to get to Venice and Padua through Belluno, Treviso, Verona, Rovigo, Venice, Vicenza, Pordenone and Udine. The customers are invited to join a poll  and vote to help technical judges to award the coveted Trophy Tagliapietra at the plate better managed!

Abbiategusto Abbiategrasso, Abbiategrasso (MI), Lombardy ( 28-30 November 2014)

Abbiategusto is one of the most important national fairs for food and wine for the promotion of local products and not just from Lombardy. Three days dedicated to the taste in all its forms with local specialties accompanied by the best local products from every region of Italy and many foreign products, too. In the splendid setting of the historic centre of this charming village of Lombardy, between a stand and the other will be waiting uncountable opportunities for greedy bellies.

Like the taste workshops, real moments of culinary education happen here; locate the taverns in the charming basement of the castle and the restaurant of the fair which will offer many local specialties at popular prices, while the most refined palates can find satisfaction in many themed menu proposed for the occasion by the great chefs of Italian cuisine.

Prosit! POLU UTHAR, Memorie e Sapori Contadini, Pollutri (CH), Abruzzo

Pollutri is a medieval village: at the centre stands the church of the Holy Saviour, in which is located the chapel of St. Nicholas of Bari, the patron saint of the country. Legend tell that the saint would have saved from starvation local people multiplying a handful of beans.

Trained forks need to go here and enjoy themselves in the splendid setting of the historic centre of this charming village in Abruzzo. You will be literally catapulted into a timeless atmosphere between people in costume and tastings of all kinds: peasant soup Ciff and ciaff, Polenta, Pizz ‘and Fuje, Rigatoni pasta with mutton, tripe, roasted cheese, Pasta alla pecorara, Pallotte aka cheese and eggs balls, Sfogliatelle, sweets, calcionetti, Biscotti, Fiadoni and ricotta cheese, Scrippelle, just to mention some of the traditional recipes and specialties prepared as it was once by the skilled hands of women . To the delight of all the souls, the food will be accompanied by a wide selection of the best wines from local wineries. And again, workshops, exhibitions, shows and dancing to the frantic pace of touring bands, that will cheer the evening with singing and dancing to folk music, recreating the magic atmosphere of a large village festival of yesteryear.

Sapori e saperi lucchesi, Lucca (LU), Tuscany (November 15 – December 8, 2014)

Around the small town of Lucca, surrounded by legends and mysteries, which date back to ancient times, if you are looking for a creative exhibition in which art and culture become not only beautiful, but also good to eat, check out Sapori e saperi lucchesi. The trade show will be held in the monumental complex of the Real Collegio and will be a real journey to discover the delights of the area, which make Lucca a unique land rich in history and tradition.

The Tuscan city will host four weekend itinerary on a delicious local culinary excellence, with important moments of reflection and comparison among the best producers in the area. Many activities will be held during the event: tastings, meetings and workshops will be just the appetizer of the rich menu planned for the event.
The program is really delicious and provides moments of fun, music and entertainment, interspersed with moments educational, dedicated to children and adults. Tasty artwork will definitely the best delicacies of the territory as the precious sparkling hills of Lucca: craft beers, bruschetta, olive oil and many other goodies.