Tuscan Maremma

In the province of Grosseto, in famous the Tuscan Maremma, there is an area of exceptional beauty and extraordinary charm called the Tufo. This is famous because of the rock on top of which were built many medieval cities and villages.

To get the best impression of these beautiful villages, founded by accent Romans during the medieval period, it’s advisable to plan a small route that will lead you to discover the many wonders by visiting towns like Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana.

Also known as Little Jerusalem for the historical presence of its Jewish community, Pitigliano is a village built on the massive tufa rock. This town grew artistically and economically between 1100d.c. and 1600.d.c. A visit to this accent town, the only one of its kind, can start by visiting the sixteenth-century synagogue, clear testimony of how the local Jewish community has contributed to the artistic heritage of the town.

Walking around the scenic old town you can’t miss the opportunity to discover artistic and religious wonders kept inside the village such as the Cathedral and the Church of St. Anthony. Near the ancient walls of the village entrance you will see the facade of the Cathedral built in late Baroque style, constructed in 500 during the reign of the family De ‘Medici, its interior in baroque style with side chapels is enriched by precious frescoes from the XVI and XIX century.

Other buildings of great artistic value are the thirteenth-century church, now deconsecrated, of St. Anthony and the impressive historical and hydraulic work that is stretching along Via Zuccarelli, Mediceo Aqueduct. This great feat of engineering was built between ‘500 and ‘600 by the De ‘Medici family.

As you continue it is advised you take the road n° 274, along the river Fioria, surrounded by beautiful hills, until you reach the old village of Sorano.
This medieval village was built on top of a rock with the sides of steep cliffs that makes very scenic and rare because of its formation. This layout has formed a maze of alleys, stairs and balconies. At a first glance you will straight away realise the uniqueness of Sorano. It has even won the title as one of the most beautiful medieval Italian villages. Here, just like in Pitigliano, there was a Jewish community, despite the progressive migration and consequent desertion Sorano inherited a small but very impressive synagogue.

The most imposing and important building on this territory is the St. Nicholas Collegiate Church. Inside there is the Orsini Palace which is the former residence of a Roman noble family who ruled these villages until the beginning of 1600.

At the end of this short but fascinating journey take the road that connects the village of Sorano with Sovana which is a small village of Etruscan origins. Savona is small but it has buildings with religious and architectural importance. The basilica dedicated to the Sant’ Peter and Paul, Petrorio Palace and the Palace of the Archives are the buildings that you shouldn’t miss.

For those who like to enjoy the gastronomic treats that Tuscany offers we remind you that in the entire region there is a possibility to try the traditional cuisines and dishes.

So the only thing that you should now do is pack your bags and follow this itinerary.