Maremma Tuscany

maremma toscana

Mentioned in poet Dante Alighieri’s Divina Commedia as a land of ‘wild pride’, Maremma is an untouched countryside of rich Mediterranean beauty and tradition.

Stretched across Southern Tuscany, the area was traditionally populated by The Butteri or cattle- breeders. Local festivals throughout the year celebrate these Italian cowboys and the unique type of cattle found in Maremma, both of which have inspired much of the region’s traditional cuisine and way of life.

Long neglected by tourists for the splendor of better known tourist destinations in Tuscany, the Maremma has preserved its ancient traditions and Tuscan culture, retaining much of its natural beauty, down-to-earth lifestyle and carefree attitude.

Relatively under populated, the country towns are generously spread throughout the Maremma. This not only means that the landscape is luxuriously filled with green rolling hills and thick Mediterranean vegetation but also attributes to the characteristics of each town. Unlike other regions, the towns in the Maremma differ from each other in almost every way, the cuisine changes from one zone to another, as do the traditions, way of life and history.

Alta Maremma in the north is characterized by splendid hilltop villages drawing inspiration from its neighbour Siena and are rich in cultural and artistic beauty. The heart and capital, Grosseto, is, on the other hand, a miniature metropolitan, extremely contemporary and chic.

The hills of the Upper Maremma are recognized as ‘Le Cittá del Tufo” or ‘Cities of the Tuff.’ These villages are hidden historical treasures, appearing to have come straight out of the pages of history. The Etruscan ruins, picturesque cathedrals, medieval fortress and ornate streets tell of the history of Italy and are lovely preserved in excellent condition.

For a more natural beauty, central Maremma offers stunning nature reserves filled with some of Tuscany’s most unique flora and fauna. Here guests can trek through the woodlands of the Maremma or ride some of the beautiful local horses, before relaxing on any of the regions beautiful beaches.

The Maremma is quickly being recognised as a perfect destination for agritourism. Unlike other regions in Italy, tourists can experience history, culture and art whilst enjoying the beauty of nature and the local beaches. Then at the end of the day they can simply relax with a glass of Morellino di Scansano, the local wine, and soak up tranquil atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside.