Vacation in Maremma Tuscany

Along the southern tip of the popular and historic Tuscany region in Italy can be found Maremma. The Italian province is fast becoming an important tourist destination. As a matter of fact, a vacation in Maremma is considered unique because it is a good and effective opportunity to get involved and exposed in agritourism.

maremma tuscany

Before knowing much more about spending vacation in Maremma, it would be more appropriate if you would be oriented about the concept of agritourism. Agritourism is a rapidly popularizing tourism sector and technique wherein vacationers are made to live in farms. In doing so, the tourists are made not only to actually live in farms; they are also made to participate in various farm tasks and activities. Many families are far enjoying such vacations because farm tasks are not only fun and exciting; they are also much enriching.

If you are to take a vacation in Maremma, you would probably get a package for agritourism. In case you are still not oriented about Maremma, the place is currently being promoted and advertised as a good and popular destination for agritourism. Thus, a vacation in Maremma would have you live in an actual farm and experience how it really is to live and work in an actual and real farm.

What is the best part of every vacation in Maremma?

As mentioned, because the province is being promoted as an important site for agritourism, farm activities would certainly be worthwhile. You could opt to spend your getaway in plantations or actually live in vineyards and take part in harvesting of grapes. There are also cattle raising areas where you could actually get to feel and live being a full pledged cattle raiser.

Maremma is also known as the wild west of the European region, where actual cowboys still are. Thus, a vacation in Maremma could have you actually interact and live with cowboys. You could ride wild horses and get into the wild, relinquishing the old and traditional ways of doing things. Of course, these you could do without totally being deprived of the modernity and sophistication of the times. You should never worry about lost receptions and signals of mobile phones, so you could stay connected and accessible whenever the need may arise.

There are five main areas in Maremma where you could opt to spend your getaway. Hilltop villages can be found in Alta Maremma of the northern part of the province. At the center of the province is Grosseto, where there are small communities between the city and the coast. Upper Maremma has hills reminiscent of the Etruscan Empire, while the coast has the most important beaches. The Colline Metallifere and Massa Marittima has the most breath-taking and adventure-filled hills.

Are you planning to embark on a vacation in Maremma?

Tourists are advised to go anytime of the year. The Italian province is an ideal vacation destination anytime of the year. Thus, you could easily find and get access to the area anytime you like, according to your own convenience.