Grape harvesting in Tuscany is near!

vendemmiaYes, the grapes of this year will be ripe already at the end of August, and in the next years everyone will well remember the greatness of the Tuscan wines produced in 2007!

Since winter has not really come to Tuscany this year and temperatures in April and May have been much higher than usual, nature’s reaction has been an immediate blossoming and explosion of colours and perfumes!

The warmth given by the sun to every single white and red grape has caused a quicker maturing process and now some of the grapes are so sweet that you can even already pick and eat them!

The best bunches of grapes have been recently selected and still hang on the vines, whereas the bad ones have been cut and now lie on the ground. In this way the grapes left can better absorb light and can easier catch all the benefits of the sunrays as well as the richness coming from the soil.

By now farmers are quite happy and satisfied of both the quality and the quantity of the new coming wine production.

You would get an opposite response if you asked farmers how the olive oil production is like this year. Most of them would reply that the quality is going to be excellent, but they are very disappointed with the quantity. It seems that this year the olives did not want to grow on the trees at all!

This is not a real surprise for the people who have a deep knowledge of farming. In fact, it is well known that in suitable weather conditions the olive trees have a big number of olives in a given year, but they rest and supply Italians’ tables with a small quantity of extra virgin olive oil the following year.

All that is to be seen and confirmed when the time of harvesting of the grapes and of the olives will arrive. In the meantime Nature and skilful people are working for creating quality extra virgin olive oil and wines.

If you are interested in coming to Tuscany to have a look and maybe take part in the 2007 grape harvest between now and October and in the olive harvesting between October and December, please contact to get more information. provides accommodation in farm houses, b&b, villas surrounded by vineyards and olive groves and organizes visits to cellars, olive mills as well as walks in the fields and wine and olive oil tastings in the farms. Even cooking classes with local fresh and genuine ingredients can be organized for an unforgettable holiday in contact with Tuscan culture!