Visit Palermo and its surroundings

According to this travel blog, The Capital of Sicily, Palermo was founded by the Phoenicians around the 8th century BC. The historical and cultural heritage scattered throughout the city shows its long history.

A must for anyone who wants to visit Sicily, Palermo is an amazing city with its contrasts, its vitality and multicultural history. Here’s what not to miss in Palermo.

Norman Palace
The Norman Palace is a building of Palermo, located in Piazza Independenza. Inside the imposing Royal Palace you must visit the Palatine Chapel, created in the twelfth century and one of the best examples of Arab-Norman style.

Piazza Pretoria
This beautiful square is lined with palaces and baroque churches. In the middle stands the Fountain of Shame which was renamed due to the nudity of the male statues.

Teatro dei Pupi
A vestige of an ancient craft tradition in Sicily, founded in 1975, this museum offers a showcase to the world of puppets.

Capuchin Catacombs
This is the cemetery of the Capuchin Fathers, where mummies are kept in perfect condition.

Cathedral of the Assumption
Built in the twelfth century, the Cathedral of the Assumption is the main church of Palermo.

What to do in Palermo and its surroundings?
There’s a variety of things you can do in Palermo: you can go shopping, walk around the city, enjoy its beaches and its nightclubs, feel the magic of the puppet theaters, go to piano bars and more! The beaches in Palermo (Mondello, Addaura, Barcarello, Arenella and Romagnolo) give you the chance to sunbathe, go fishing or even diving!

Visit the popular markets of the historic center of Palermo:  you will fall under the spell of a thousand colors and smells! Visit the Parco della Favorita. Once a hunting reserve of King Ferdinando IV, this beautiful public park is the ideal place to relax.

Palermo is also full of restaurants, so enjoy the taste of the typical cuisine of it.

By Tripandtravelblog