Discovering Milano Marittima

Milano Marittima is a fraction of the town of Cervia with landlocked, and the lure of the latter is attractive for those who love the beach and want to show off an enviable tan. The seaside resorts of Milano Marittima are equipped and modern, suitable for anyone who wants to spend time on the beach relaxing, lying on the white sand or have fun with physical activities and sports that offer the same facilities.

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Since the sixties the Adriatic coast was one of the favorite holiday destinations by both Italian and foreigners and meeting point for sports celebs before and after their show. Today the Riviera, and in particular Milano Marittima, are considered the favorite destinations for young people who come from all over Europe to spend their holidays, but what gives this area its kick will be the ability to meet also the needs of families and all those who are no longer young and they are not attracted by the great nightlife that Milano Marittima boasts as well.



Milano Marittima, however, is best known for the nightlife and the intense fun in clubs, discos and parties on the beach. Young people have so many opportunities to choose from for the fun that begins after sunset and ends in the early hours of the dawn. The nightlife of Milano Marittima is made of local beach and open-air discos that enliven the evenings, in addition to special events such as the Notte Rosa (Pink Night), which takes place along 100 kilometers of coast. In short, if the Adriatic Coast is chosen each year by hundreds of thousands of people for its crazy nightlife, it is no coincidence.


Therefore, blue sea, golden beaches and sparkling nightlife are indeed able to attract younger crowd, but Milano Marittima has other strings to its bow, such as the natural parks to discover. By bike you can visit the Natural Park of Cervia, within which is an attraction able to fascinate young and old.

It is the famous “Butterfly House“, a structure of about 500 square meters which houses hundreds of colorful butterflies! This structure will enable you to closely observe the butterflies and photograph them while they are in flight or are laid on the leaves of plants in the greenhouse. You can also enjoy nature in the pine forest of Milano Marittima, a real alternative to the beach for those who prefer walking, or travelling by bike, along paths surrounded by trees and canals. In the park you can organize a swift picnic and make it possible for children to play with the animals in the zoo located in the park area.

Flora and fauna enrich this area that covers about 30 hectares and is of great interest from the point of view of nature. Green is ensured by the presence of stone pines and pine trees, in addition to oaks, poplars, shrubs and locust. An ideal atmosphere to relax away from the bustle of the beach, in the quiet of nature, to meet both domestic and wild animals. Among the various possibilities there are botanical paths to learn more of the surrounding greenery, and horse riding.
Saline di Cervia

Walking through the pine forest, also, you can reach the Terme di Cervia avoiding passing through the busy streets. In the spa you have the opportunity to take baths using mud and natural treasure that comes directly from the Saline di Cervia (salt reservoir of Cervia), another attraction of this place. The waters of the salt marshes are particularly suitable for relaxation and beauty treatments, inhalations and rehabilitation.

The salt natural reservoir of Cervia make a very wide natural reserve  located within the river Po, where you can see flamingos and other species of birds that inhabit the salt; Milano Marittima, in fact, is a famous seaside resort, but is also known for the production of salt.

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It should not be overlooked the nutritional aspect: in Milano Marittima you can taste the local Romagnola cuisine, famous in particular for the piadina but also for cured meats and cheeses. Also appreciated the mussels in Cervia and in general the fresh fish that you can eat in the many restaurants in the area, along with restaurants, they are able to satisfy any palate, from the most sophisticated to the most true and genuine. During the year, then, there are plenty of gastronomic events dedicated to the Romagna cuisine.


The days at sea and the trips  in the pine forest offer also plenty of activities suitable for children, but if they need other types of entertainment, such as fun parks, and Milano Marittima offers also this facilities: a little more than ten kilometers away in fact, there is Wonderland, famous theme park that offers attractions of all kinds, from those dedicated to the smaller kids to the most adult one for those in search of intense emotions and extreme pleasure.

Alternatively, there is a Wonderland “CerviAvventura”, a park located in the pine forest which connects Cervia Milano Marittima where you can try on paths hanging from the trees and satisfy their thirst for adventure. The various routes are subdivided into levels of difficulty: simple ones are designed for small, while the more challenging wink to adults.

No fear, however: safety comes first and the park staff shall provide visitors slings to ensure a totally safe. The more adventurous may finally opt for the night tour, which is organized once a week.


When it comes to hotels, Milano Marittima offers to its visitors outstanding facilities, with rooms and suites with panoramic views, pool and terraces overlooking the sea, in addition to swimming pool, room service 24 hours on 24, free wi-fi and all those services through which you can live in comfort your stay at this location.

To its customers, in fact, there is many entartaining activities to be done such as tennis beach soccer and beach volleyball, while those who enjoy activities at sea can go water skiing and windsurfing. In addition, there are music and animation with which you can have fun, because relaxation is very important, but a holiday is not complete without entertainment!