The Riviera del Conero: splendid sea and amazing beaches


In the Adriatic coast, in one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline  from all over the coast lays the Marche region and the famous Riviera del Conero, in an area that includes beautiful locations.

Each of these locations is characterized by unique features: Ancona, Numana, an ancient fishing village, Porto Recanati, the ancient village of Camerano, Castelfidardo (known for its handmade unforgettable accordion), Loreto and its basilica, Agugliano with its castle, the beautiful medieval village of Offagna, the elegant Osimo, the charming village of Polverigi, the fascinating and artistic Picena, the intriguing Santa Maria Nuova, the panoramic Sirolo overlooking the sea and the mountains.

In the Riviera del Conero you can enjoy the sea in all its nuances through the practice of water and beach sports: scuba diving, hiking, canoeing are among the most popular activities that you can do in their crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. For those who likes to go sailing, kite surfing or windsurfing, the beaches of the Sassi Neri and Portonovo have most suitable winds and currents.

And then, again, you can practice many sports from the beach: beach volleyball, football, water aerobics, tennis, table tennis and much more. All with the backdrop of a unique landscape, where the sea and the mountains seem to work together to ensure perfect weather, an idyllic combination of colours and to give all an unforgettable dream vacation.

The Riviera del Conero, which offers a fantastic territory, is located at the foot of the Monte Conero which shape traced the outline of the beaches, alternating landscape that goes into caves and hidden coves, while unspoilt beaches areat vast expanses.

Riviera del Conero

In the Riviera del Conero you find all types of beach: those seeking relaxation, those travelling with the whole family, those looking for pristine beaches and unique places would find the ideal location here. The file rouge is the crystal clear, transparent water which awarded  for several years  the beaches of the Riviera del Conero with the Blue Flag. This sea is so beautiful  and available here are  many excursions that are organized during the summer by the ferrymen of the Conero.

The hike to the beach Le due Sorelle (The Two Sisters) departes daily and touches the coast of Marcelli di Numana port, the beach of San Michele with the bay of the two sisters. Very nice is also the “Tarta Day”, an event that is organized weekly in the Le due Sorelle beach and that allows you to watch the “resignation” of sea turtles that have been treated in the rehabilitation centre.

Another nice trip that runs along the Riviera del Cornero is “Quando Alba Colora”(When the Dawn colours): the peculiarity lies in the scheduled time with a lovely breakfast on the boat and a glorious swim in the clear waters.. The tour begins at dawn and allows you to merge into the colours and  smells of the coast, to enjoy the sea and sky in this wonderful time of day.

You can alternatively go on a “Savour surfing”,  a gastronomic boat trip experience along the Riviera del Conero sipping a drink during sunset and tasting local specialities.  Furthermore, if you love cruising, the “Mini-cruise del Conero” runs every Wednesday :  you can discover the most beautiful places of the Riviera del Conero with the support of a guide.

The beach Le Due Sorelle is characterized by fine white sand, and takes its name from the two stacks that rise up in front of the sandy area. It can be reached only by sea and it is really beautiful.

Besides the boat in Riviera del Conero an easy way to get on the beach or in the bays is on foot. Let’s discover them.

To get to the beach of Numana, it is very easy: you need to get the bus links that depart from the square every quarter of an hour to get to this beach which has shallow water and is characterized by both the beach from the rocks.

The beach of San Michele and the Sassi Neri (Sirolo) is surrounded by greenery and located at the foot of Mount Conero; this beach is characterized by sand and gravel. It can be reached by shuttle bus or along a path in the cool of the forest. The area includes both equipped establishments that are free.

Scossicci is a gorgeous place for the water sports lovers, who can indulge themselves in this village of Porto Recanati, which boasts a large pebble beach lined with bars and restaurants.
Six miles of sand and sand for Beach Marcelli: this beach is located in the south of the Conero Park and it is well equipped,perfect for those travelling with children for many areas dedicated to them.

Ancona’s area

Il Passetto beach is a short walk from the centre of Ancona and seems to plunge directly into the sea. It is an inlet that can be reached by a lift or using a staircase in which you get to the caves of the fishermen. Portonovo beach  is immersed in the Conero Park and  characterized by gravel and stones. There are both equipped establishments and it isperfect for those who love surfing to its exposure to the currents. A close beach with its white sand that rises near Portonovo and that is reached along a path is Mezzavalle.

Porto Potenza beach is characterized by fine sand and a promenade where you can take relaxing walks; easy to reach, it is  accessible by car, by train or by bus.