Ring shaped cake or donuts: a typical recipe of Marches

donuts gr


• 600 gr. flour
• 175 gr. sugar
• 3 whole eggs
• grated rind of one lemondonuts 7
• a pinch ground cinnamon
• 5 tablespoons milk
• a pinch salt
• pine nuts
• Butter or margarine for baking


In a bowl beat 2 whole eggs and one egg white with sugar, lemon peel and cinnamon.
On a board sift the flour mixed with yeast and make a mount with a hole in the centre.donuts 4 gr
Pour the beaten eggs, a bit of melted butter and the warm milk. Then mix.
The dough should be puffy, soft and smooth.
Divide the dough into little pieces and form a donut with every little piece.
donuts 5Dip the donuts in boiling water, a few at a time, so they do not overlap.
When they came on the surface, take them out with a perforated spoon and place them on a buttered baking tray.
Decorate with pine nuts, pressing them so they stick well and brush the surface of each donut with the remained yolk.
Place in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees, for half an hour.

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