Pasta with Salmon, an Italian Recipe.


Pasta: one of the typical Italian dish! The love for it, makes any reipe tasty and even beautiful to look at.


pasta (fresh fettuccine, penne, spaghetti…), 200 gr.
fresh salmon fillet skinned, 100 gr.
yogurt, 1 tablespoon
lemon juice, 1 / 2 tablespoonpasta5
salmon eggs, 1 / 2 tablespoon
butter, 20 gr.
salt and pepper, enough.


– Chop into small pieces the fillet of salmon.
– Add salt.
– Season with freshly ground pepper.
– Melt some butter, not all of it in a large pan that will be used later for the pasta.pasta4
– Add the lemon juice.
– Add in the pieces of salmon.
– Cook for a few minutes, mixing frequently.
– Bring to a boil the salted water.
– Add the pasta into the boiling water.
– Add the yogurt to the salmon and heat it.
– Add the remaining butter.
– Adjust the sauce with salt.
– Drain the pasta when they are “al dente”.pasta2
– Add them to the sauce.
– Add pepper.
– Arrange the pasta in a serving dish and garnish them with the salmon eggs.
– Serve them hot.

Photos from the album of: avlxyz,, Apremorca, onenjan, Andy Crave.

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