Tips for Cooking Pasta in an Italian Style.

pasta-prezzemoloCooking pasta in a proper way doesn’t seem very difficult, but you must observe some basic guidelines.
First of all choose the right pot. It has to be large enough to contain a sufficient amount of water and higher than large. As a rule 1 Litre of water per 100g is recommended. 
You have to add salt, about 10 g. (almost a full teaspoon) per 1 litre of water.
It is not possible to determine the exact timing for cooking pasta, as it depends on the type you need for your recipe. The fresh pasta takes a shorter time than the dried one.
It is often not possible to determine exact cooking time in minutes. The right point of cooking is achieved when the dough becomes soft outside, while its inner part is still hard. This point of cooking is defined by the Italian chefs with the term “al dente”. During the cooking you need to taste from time to time little bits to control the point of cooking.

Remember that the pasta is not to be passed under the cold water, otherwise it loses its sticky layer of starch needed to bind well with the sauce, the only exception is made for the pasta, which has to be served cold.

Follow the following rules and your pasta will be perfectly cooked:
1. Use plenty of water. As a rule at least 1 litre of water per 100g. pasta. For the lasagna use more.
2. Add a spoon of oil only in exceptional cases, when you are cooking lasagne or fresh pasta that could seal.
3. Throw the pasta into the pot and  wait till the water boils again.
4. Stir it frequently with a wood fork or spoon.
5. Test pasta after a few minutes and go on doing it to see if the pasta is al dente.
6. As soon as the pasta has reached the right degree of cooking, drain the water and proceed with adding the sauce.

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