Naples: 3 Essential Stops in the City

pizzaWhen visiting Naples, be ready for wonders not just in the cuisine and the scenery, but in the experiences you can accumulate in this fine city. Not your typical town, and certainly not one of the top tourist spots in Italy, Naples is a fine city to visit just off the beaten path. It is also the center of many other popular day trips making Naples an ideal spot to spend a few days while in Italy.

Pizza Vera Napoletana
Very Napoleon pizza is the authentic version of the delicious Italian meal. Pizza originated in Naples and is likely the region’s biggest export, but until you’ve tried pizza in Naples, you have no idea what the differences are between the original and the millions of variations there of. Da Michele and Di Matteo are both popular names when it comes to trying the most authentic version of Naples pizza and if you have only a few moments stepping off a cruise ship in port, you can always grab a pizza fritta, or fried pizza to go. These deep friend crusts surround a gooey center of cheese and meat and can be easily eaten on the go.

National Archaeological Museum
Pompeii and Herculaneum are just outside of Naples and are absolutely worthy of a day trip to visit, but much of the sculpture and art found inside the buried cities as they were unearthed is now on display in Naples. The National Archaeological Museum houses sculpture, frescoes and other forms of art although the descriptions are not outstanding, and the museum itself can be confusing. This is an excellent location to tour with the help of a reputable outside tour guide.

Visit the Naples Underground
Naples, like Rome, has trouble running subway tunnels due to the huge number of artifacts under the ground. Under Naples are entire marketplaces and ruins from Greek and Roman times. The best thing about the Naples ruins, however, is that the walls and storefronts are still standing in many cases. Under San Lorenzo Maggiore are ancient storefronts with walls and ceilings intact. The stores are in such good shape you can even walk into them and see the ancient wash bins and ovens. The collection of artifacts are not just Roman, there are many Greek artifacts in the area as well. Napoli Sotteranea is a tour of what lies under Naples and is an excellent way to learn about the different areas and the significance of what was left behind.