The magic season of Sestriere also in Spring


The magic surrounding the  history of Sestriere in Piedmont, a world – famous “comune” of the Province of Turin, is of course for many of you connected to the image of its two towers. Who was the mastermind behind the creation of this two impressive buildings? A  young Giovanni Agnelli had this idea in the early thirties for this otherwise unknown area, when he was not yet a senator of the Italian Republic.

Look at it today: almost a sky industry, surely among the widest and best organized area for skiers!! The sport of skiing here is the protagonist from the first snow fall to the last April snow. Going up and down the hill changing slopes, mountain sides and even nations, is like a dream for the “via Lattea” (Milky Way) borders with France and Montgegèvre. Sestriere is high and north-west facing with an excellent snow over the years. The skiing resorts are mainly on one side of the valley. But on the other side there is also a sky-link which takes you to the top of Mount Fraiteve!!!! The great views of the Milky Way is for you from the highest crest at an affordable price.

Look at the traditional slopes!! Let’s discover together  Banchetta, the Sises, the snow-whitey Fraiteve, the three mounts of Passo. But the most exilarating  is the Rio Nero (Black River). An artist such as Michelangelo Pistoletto once wrote that Rio Nero is to skiers “as the Olympus was to the Greeks”! A bold affirmation, indeed. But when you come along you can easily get the truth behind the audacious words of Pistoletto.

For example, check the beginning of the slope on Frainteve (m 2701): then along the same side you can ski down up to Molliere, Cesena or Sansicario, a well organized place with a mall and various surface lifts and cable-ways. From here you need to cross a stream to reach the not-so-misterious but totally enchanting Monti della Luna (Mounts of the moon) located in Sagna Longa and Colle Bercia (m2300).

Once getting there, you can keep on and going down to Clavière, or  simply going up to Colletto Verde (m 2460) and Monginèvre.

Sauze d’Oulx is again a stunning area of this vast and long almost eternal snow and candid ride. Here was born the French Piero Gros, the main “enemy” of Gustavo Thoeni, aka the Italian winner of the Olympic Gold and a World Cup.

Many surface lifts and cable ways are available here to bring you again towards the fascinations of Plan del Sole (the Sun Valley), the Pian della Roccia, and the new Sportinia, up to Triplex (2507m), the Rocce Nere and the crest of Col Basset. From all these locations you can reach the valley and the Borgata Sestriere in some different ways, all full of fun!!!

Can you go to enjoy Sestriere area even you can barely stand on you ski? No worries. All levels of skier could find something here. The range varies from the not-too-difficult and good slopes to learn how to become a champion for beginners, a fab amount of scope for intermediates and the steep terrain and off-piste for very advanced champions. The lift system is continually running with the majority of lifts being high speed quads. No lift queues and weekends and public holidays with guaranteed fun! Go heli-skiing into the valleys and back to Sestriere, too!!!

For snowborders and freestyle skiers what can they find in these amazing areas? No panic, Sestriere is here for you too!  It offers a snowpark with a slope style area to improve your skills. Sauze d’Oulx also boasts a great and funny snowpark. Over to Montgenevre there are for the adventurous and the bold spirits 2 border cross tracks.