Val di Sole in Trentino

val di sole trentino

Known as the “Green Oasis of Trentino”, the Val di Sole’s name is not simply a coincidence, as the sun is the main protagonist in making this valley one of the best in the world. Renowned for the high quality of it’s ski slopes, this Italian valley is a popular tourists destination not only in winter but also in summer, commanding attention with it’s breathtaking scenery, charming alpine towns and rich art history.

Located in the northwestern part of the region of Trentino, the Val di Sole is surrounded by some of the most famous mountain in the Alps, making it a high class skiing destination. In winter, it’s main ski resorts in Folgarida – Marilleva, Peio and Passo Tonale are lit up offering ski lovers of every skill and confidence level the chance to enjoy a day on the pristine white slopes. However this winter wonder land is not just for skiers, with ski mountaineering, hiking with snowshoes and Nordic walking, those who prefer a more tranquil and relaxed activity can soak up the beautiful surroundings whilst still enjoying the snow and sun.

Whilst a fantastic Christmas holiday destination, the Val di Sole does not shut down in summer. With the incredible beauty of its landscapes, lakes and forests, this valley transforms itself into a natural paradise when the snow melts away and the sun beings to shine. The Val di Sole has two principal natural parks: The Stelvio National Park and the Adamello Brenta Nature Park. Strikingly untouched and completely cut off from the stresses of twenty-first century life, the high mountains, thick verdant forests, stunning waterfalls and clear, turquoise lakes and rivers combine to create the perfect place for serenity and relaxation.

There are many ways to enjoy these green oases, for lovers of sport, the Val di Sole offers canoing, rafting and kayaking, as well as literally hundreds of walking, hiking and Nordic walking tracks of every length and difficulty. For a more relaxing activity, guided tours of the park lands, home to some of the most unique and beautiful flora and fauna in the world are also available.

Alongside the natural beauty of the Val di Sole is the unique charm of its alpine villages and history. Towns like Peio, Passo del Tonale, Folgarida and Marilleva are infused in the mountain culture with wood lodges, elegant little shops and markets and traditional restaurants offering the local delicacies, including the renowned cheese Casolet of the  Val di Sole. Immersed in the rustic beauty of these towns is centuries old history, carved by the artisans of the past in wood, ceramic or stone, leaving behind pieces of an ancient world through striking churches, majestic buildings and impressive fortresses.

With so much to offer all year round, the Val di Sole in Trentino is the world at its purest and most relaxing, a destination with breathtaking natural beauty and an enchanting history and tradition.