Italian famous lakes: discovering romantic places

Italy loves its lakes: they are a classic visit for lovers and families on the week-end, but also a location for many VIPs both Italian and international ones.Actors, directors, television set and also Hollywood movie were shooted on the river of the glorious beauty of some famous Italian lakes.
The Italian laghi are beautiful, romantic spots pretty easy to reach. Make a list and check it out some of them: for example you can’t miss Lake Como, Italy’s most fancy lake. The weather? Mild and temperate and ready to take a bath in summertime! For having fun Lake Como is the best place: a combination of relaxing walk, exciting water sports and challenging hiking paths are available on the resort and the hotel “con vista lago” (with a sightseeing on the lake).
Lake Massaciuccoli is in Tuscany, close to a fantastic wildlife reserve and to the sea. The small town of Torre del Lago Puccini is nearby to enjoy with its seaside and on the lake river you can visit the villa-museum where Puccini wrote his operas. To commemorate its great citizen, a beautiful summer opera festival is  held here, in the stunning outdoor theatre directly on the lake!!!

Lake Garda, the largest among Italian lakes, can offer also visit in the close medieval castles and the thematic fun park Gardaland. If you get here you will be between Venice and Milan. Lake Maggiore is located north of Milan and west of Lake Como deep into Switzerland. Created by a glacier, it is surrounded by hills in the south and mountains in the north with 3 lovely islands in the centre.

Lake Bolsena is instead between Rome and Tuscany, deep in the crater of an extinct volcano, overlooked by a medieval centre with a fortress at the top.