3 Romantic Trips in Italy


Italy is a country well known for romance, and if you’re thinking of as romantic jaunt to Italy over the holiday season or planning one now for the summer, make your plans with love in mind. Italy has been the source of romantic tales and legends for centuries, many of them thanks to Shakespeare, but the legends are based on fact, of course. Italy is a truly beautiful and magically romantic country to visit, even if you’re staying for just a short time.

Lake Como or Lake Maggiore

Famous scenes and picture postcards have been set near the lakes of Italy. These romantic spots are almost flawless in their depiction of bright greenery and shimmering blue water. In the northern part of Italy, you’ll find a collection of lakes. The lakes are all connected although some are much more connected than others. Lake-hopping is a common vacation strategy among couples anxious to explore the more rugged, yet luxurious, side of Italy. Visit one of the larger lakes, such as Lake Como or Lake Maggiore, and use it as a base for day-trips or make a series of stops in small cabins at several lakes.

Amalfi Coast

One look at a picture of the Amalfi Coast and you’ll know why so many people flock to this region of Italy. Beaches are bright and sunny and the stacked houses are pastels against the darker green of the hillside. Sitting on the beach in one of the many towns that stretch up and down the Amalfi coast, you’ll be able to see amazing views of the water and terrific views of the beautiful buildings reaching back up the hills. A series of towns makes up the Amalfi coast, and there are several small islands as well that you can visit which adds a bit of extra romance to the trip. The Amalfi coast also happens to be the Italian playground for the rich and famous, so your romance will be off to a good start rubbing elbows with the noteworthy.


Of course, it’s been almost overdone, but Tuscany is the set of so many romantic movies because it’s actually romantic. The hills and towns are ancient and lovely and you’ll find any number of intriguing sights and sounds around the area. Visit century-old farm houses and sip exquisite wine. Situate yourself in a small flat in a Tuscan town and you can travel by train to different towns in the area or you can just enjoy the romance of the area you’re in. Florence is located in Tuscany as well and visiting this ancient city will give you days of enjoyment as well.