Romantic Italy Destinations

With a stunning history and a rich culture, Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the world, and there is certainly much to discover with beautiful seaside villages, gorgeous countryside and historic cities. Famous movies have been filmed in Italy – most of them love stories. If you’re considering at trip to Italy in order to create your own bit of romance, you’ll find plenty to inspire you.


How can you not think of gondola rides at sunset when Italian romance comes to mind? Venice has plenty of narrow streets and small piazzas where you can cuddle together and stroll hand in hand before and after you take that moonlight trek through the canals. Pop into the cathedrals and stand in awe of the many works of art you’ll find in the museums. For a more enthusiastic good time, visit Venice during Carnevale for parties and wild celebrations as well.


This romantic village is located on the shore of Lake Como, long considered a romantic place to escape for lovers. Located high in the mountains near Switzerland, Lake Como offers water sports in the warmer months and plenty of romance in the winter months. Snuggle up in front of the fire in your lodge or hike through the mountains breathing in the fresh pine air. Stay for a while near the top of the surrounding mountains to take in astonishing beauty and sweeping landscapes.

Rising up along the side of a cliff, these brightly colored houses are truly stunning. The village is directly on the sea making for romantic walks along the beach as well as plenty of stairs and pathways to climb as you explore the hidden wonders of this small village. With a milder sea climate, Positano is an ideal destination for tourists year round.


How can you enjoy a romantic trip through Italy without stopping in the city that was the alleged home of history’s most romantic couple? Romeo and Juliet called fair Verona home and plenty of romantics head to the city to see Juliet’s balcony and to touch the statue of Juliet for good luck. The city also boasts an open opera in a Roman arena that has lasted more than two thousand years. Enjoy the peace and tranquility in this small town as you walk the streets, sip coffee in the cafes and simply watch the other couples go by.