Five Italian Cities Great for Travelers

It’s hard to pick where to go when you’re planning a visit to Italy. Fortunately, it’s far easier than you might imagine picking out the hot spots to visit – these are the top cities all travelers should visit in Italy.

Not only is Rome the capitol of Italy, but it’s an excellent combination of old and new. Old Rome is full of fascinating artifacts, priceless historical objects and stunning monuments and churches. New Rome features some outstanding shopping as well as plenty of adventure with great restaurants and nightlife as well. Go from famous museums in the morning to impressive urban clubs and bars in the evening – Rome really has it all.



Who can resist the Grand Canal and the many gondolas that paddle and pole along the narrow canals of Venice? A city built on water, this is considered the most romantic spot in Italy and one of the most unique locations you’ll find as you move through the country trying to discover the beauty and majesty of the ancient city.

A hot bed of fascinating architecture and design, Florence is a city full of majestic buildings and compelling finds. Gardens, cathedrals, museums and palaces are all found here in this Tuscan city and right outside the city are the rolling hills and vineyards you’d expect to find in the region.

A city of prestige and culture, Milan is a beautiful city full of wealth, style and art. Visit the opera, attend the fashion shows or just take your time as you pick through the many shops that line the streets of this fashion-lover’s paradise. Of course, there is much to see in the way of history here as well. From museums to art to simply walking the streets, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in Milan – along with a major airport making this a good spot for transportation as well.

The home of Romeo and Juliet, it’s hard to not get excited about seeing this ancient city. While the Capulets and Montagues may not have actually existed, their story lives on in this pretty city. Stop by what’s become Juliet’s balcony or leave a note about love on the wall. Visit the Roman arena in the city or stop by the ancient ruins when you’ve had your fill of Shakespearean romance.