3 Things to Skip When Visiting Rome

We know that Rome is one of the most exciting cities in the world to visit, but not everything in Rome is really worth your time. While there are many parts that are just part of the experience, some would best be avoided, especially if you’re on a bit of a time constraint.

Taxi drivers in Rome have a good game going. They especially like to drive tourists who aren’t too familiar with the Euro and the meter charges of the Italian taxi. It’s far more economical to get a Roma Pass when you arrive in the city and then use the public transportation instead. For 26 Euros, you’ll be able to hop on any bus or train in the city and even gain admission into some of the many tourist attractions as well. It’s straightforward to use the pass, and if you’re ever confused about the bus lines or trains, there are many friendly residents who don’t mind helping out.

Street Vendors
As fun as it is to browse the wares of the street vendors, avoid buying anything. In fact, have your fun browsing the same markets the locals shop at – antique fairs and food markets. The street vendors sell the same tourist gear that you can find in a storefront, but it’s heavily inflated. The price for a statue of David from a street vendor will be as much as five times the price of the inexpensive statue if you were to buy it from the small store right across the square. These tourist items aren’t as valuable in the long run as the real finds you’d make at a more exotic market in the city anyhow.

The Spanish Steps
The area around the Spanish Steps is one of the most popular in Rome, for both tourists and pickpockets alike. If you can, visit the Spanish Steps earlier in the day before it’s very crowded, or just see the steps from one of the many surrounding areas. It’s a popular pastime to sit on the steps and eat or just to stop and visit. If you do insist on visiting the steps in the middle of the day when it is most crowded, leave your valuables locked up in your hotel room or wear them close to your body in a zippered pouch covered with your shirt and jacket.