3 Things You Must Know About Rome

When planning a trip to Rome, there are elements of the city and its culture that you should take into consideration.

Weather Conditions

Most travel to Rome in the summer, but the summer is Rome’s most uncomfortable season. The days are hot and with the crowds of tourists, the heat and conditions can be oppressive. If you can, schedule your trip for the beginning of summer and be sure your room has air conditioning. Tour in the morning when the heat is not as severe and spend your afternoons napping and relaxing to avoid the heat of the day. The balmy evenings following the height of the day are when the city comes alive once more, so your afternoon rest will come in handy for an exciting night.

Dine Roman-Style

The evening meal, dinner, in Rome is served at a leisurely pace. It is designed to be a time to gather and socialize, and is not to be rushed through. If you’re in a hurry at dinner, grab some pizza or a sandwich, but you’ll only become agitated and wind up with a frustrated waiter if you try to rush through a typical meal. Italian dinners are slow by design – they are the highlight of the day. Rushing through a meal is considered very un-Italian, so do as the locals do and plan plenty of time to enjoy the delicious cuisine.

Take the Good with the Bad
Touring Rome, or any part of Italy in the summer will be crowded, but the crowds and the general excitement of seeing some of the world’s finest treasures are simply part of the adventure. Make the crowds part of your fun and stay relaxed and friendly. There are plenty of ancient artifacts to go around. When you are ready for a break from the crowds, peel off into other parts of the city to see what other treasures you can find. Search out the more obscure museums and statues. Look for markets and interesting shops.

There is much more to Rome than you’ll find in the typical guidebook. The most interesting experiences might be the ones you discover on your own. A word of caution, however, if you do wander off the beaten path; be sure you have an excellent map to help you find your way back on it when the time comes.