The Most Important Things to Do in Rome


While in Rome, do as so many other Roman tourists do. After all, this city is not one of the most heavily traveled tourist locations on the globe for nothing. The city is full of history and spending a few days in or just outside the city lets you hit the most popular and most significant locations in Rome first.

The Pantheon is one of the few buildings in Rome that looks as though it did two thousand years ago. Wander across marble floors that were there millennia ago and enjoy the chills you’ll get from living history. Seeing a full building early on will give you a better idea of what the ruins of the city might have looked like before they became ruins.

Roman Forum
Walk along the cobbled streets of what was once the epicenter of a huge, thriving empire. The forum is ruined today, but there are guidebooks that can show you want used to stand where the piles of ruined stones are today.

A famous sight on the Roman skyline, the Colosseum has had a rough passage through the years, but with an active imagination and a great guide, you can see and sense the horrible entertainment that once went on in this great amphitheatre.

Vatican City
You can spend a day wandering through the Vatican City and seeing the treasures contained in the museums there. Be sure to find a terrific guide to be sure you don’t miss anything important in the maze of buildings and antiques.

Cappuchin Crypt
Morbid and intensely fascinating, the bones of 4,000 monks have been used to decorate the small chapels under the Santa Maria della Immacolata Concezione on Via Veneto near Piazza Barberini. The bones are artfully arranged to accommodate the huge numbers of monks who wished to be buried in the crypt.

Trevi Fountain
The crowds can be immense with throngs of people all waiting to throw in a coin with their right hand over their left shoulder for luck, but if you come at an off time or just sit back and enjoy watching the crowds of people around the fountain, you’ll be sure to be amused and entertained for some time.