Milanese Cuisine? Yes, let’s start with Risotto with Saffron!


The Milanese cuisine is really well known and appreciated because of its absolutely delicious dishes, often born from a poor but tasteful kitchen.
One typical dish is the Milanese risotto with yellow saffron (Risotto alla Milanese), which according to tradition, has been invented in 1574 by a student Mastro Valerio of Flanders, creator of the windows of the cathedral. Saffron was in fact used for “reviving” the yellow colour.


160 grams of rice,
50 grams of butter,
30 grams of minced beef marrow,
100 grams of pork sausage,
2-3 litres of boiling meat broth,
1 onion,
1 piece of butter,
1 tuft of pistils of saffron or 1 sachet of saffron,
grated Parmisan Cheese.

(You can add 20 grams of dried mushrooms or 1 sliced white truffles over the risotto)

Put in a casserole marrow, butter, chopped sausage and sliced onion. Cook gently on low heat, till it gets a golden colour.
Add the rice and stir well so that it can absorb the sauce. At this point, raise the flame and begin to add boiling broth to the rice, continuing to stir regularly with a wooden spoon.
As the stock evaporates and is absorbed, continue to stir and to add the boiling broad. The rice doesn’t normally need more then 14-18 minutes.
When the rice is cooked for two thirds, add the saffron melted in broth.
Add the mushrooms, kept in a water bath 30 minutes before the rice is ready. rosotto2
Finally add a bit of butter and parmesan cheese.
The risotto should be kept fairly liquid, that means grains must be well separated, but linked together with a creamy sauce.
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