OSSOBUCO MILANESE, a typical Italian Recipe

Serves 4 people:


8 slices of ossobuco
6 handfuls of rice
1 package of dried mushrooms, 500 gr.
1 onion
2 glasses of red wine ossobuco5
stock cubes
butter (if desired)


Take the package of dried mushrooms, wash them and leave at least 1 hour in a cup full of water and a dash of milk.
Take a pot to cook the rice and a pan for the ossobuco. ossobuco1
Chop the onion and place half of it in a boiling pan and the other half in a frying pan.
Add the extra virgin olive oil in both pans and brown the onion.
Boil some water in a pot with the stock cube.
Simultaneously prepare the rice and the ossobuco.

for the rice:
Add 6 handfuls of rice the onion and stir until well absorbed.
Add a glass of red wine and let it evaporate.
Gradually add the broth until the rice is cooked.
Add a stock cube and parmesan cheese.
Mix and cook with a little butter and let it rest till the ossobuco are ready. ossobco8

for the ossobuchi:
After you have brown the onion, put the mushrooms and the ossobuco slices in the pan.

Sauté them, add a glass of red wine, and let it evaporate.

Add the mushroom water (mixed with some milk and water) with a spoon (be careful not to take from the bottom), add a little parsley and a little broth if necessary till the rice is coocked.

Once cooked put the slices of ossobuco on top of rice (two from each plate of risotto) with the sauce of mushrooms.

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