Italy: a country to go to the beach, but take care!

tramontoIn Italy the sea is very beautiful, blue and crystal clear in most of the peninsula. It becomes all the more fascinating the more you move towards the south, reaching levels of unexpected beauty in the small and large islands like: Elba, Ischia, Capri, Aeolian Islands, Sicily and Sardinia.
For the Italians the relationship with the sea is part of normal life. It is unthinkable, therefore, a summer without swimming or without a “tintarella” (tan). We could say that getting tanned is like wearing a dress. In hot season people are stripping more and more, but do not have the feeling of being naked. The sun covers those visible parts as a very unusual tight dress, which makes you look different from what you know in your intimacy in winter.
The Italians are acquainted with the sea, because the majority is born along the coast and they know it well.
Italians are equipped to deal with a summer season that can also be tricky.
The first big risk is the sun. The sun burns and they will not go to the beach without sunscreen. Becoming red as a shrimp is very easy and they have learned it since their infancy.
Some foreigners think they can measure the degree of redness of their skin while they are on the beach. Well, that’s wrong! The best part of it is afterwards! in the evening or at night!
You can switch from milk white to intense cherry red in no time. The result is a sharp burning sensation, a stop at the chemistry (if not worst), intolerance to any dress, sleepless nights and a holiday ruined by the rebellion of the damaged skin to anything that has to do with a ray of sunshine!ombrelloni
Well! It is better to use high protection or total protection sun cream, applied at least 30 minutes before leaving home.
Warning: the sun is also in the streets and it loves feet, noses and ears!
It is true that not all Italians use the sun umbrella, but it is also true that all those who “have lunch” on the beach or have children or dogs do have them. Normally they go to the beach with
towels, plastic slippers (many also have shoes to wear when they go into the sea) and sunglasses.
Usually Italians are not afraid of the sea, even when there are big waves (big for the Mediterranean Sea!) and the white foam can be seen even far from the coast.
In fact, currents are normally not a problem, but when the sea is very rough it is prudent not to venture too far from shore. When the legs are fully immersed in water, it is time to stop. Diving in the waves is also very funny and let yourself be transported by the crest of the wave is really a great way to safely enjoy the power of that water made ungovernable.
In the evening the water is warmer, maybe people thinks so because the difference in temperature between outside and inside is smaller. Around 19.00 beaches get more and more empty and the sun with its warm colours is the pendant to a landscape where even the sand and the rocks are resting.
Do not lose the magic of a dinner on the beach, with the backwash as soundtrack, the warmth of the sand and the orange of the sky as a frame. The wind is fallen, only a slight breeze remains, everything rests and a strange sense of peace pervades everything.
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