4 Essentials to Pack for an Italy Vacation

rome walkingPacking for any trip can be stressful, but packing for Italy should be straightforward – after all this is a vacation you plan for extensively. Packing should be the least of your worries. As it stands, however, there are certain items you don’t ever want to forget when you’re heading to Italy. Otherwise you might find yourself in a considerable bind.

Sturdy Walking Shoes, But Not Athletic Shoes!
In Italy, athletic shoes are worn to the gym, not on the street. If you’re trying to get along with the locals and follow the local customs, you’ll want to leave your sneakers put away, too. If for no other reason that avoiding some dirty looks on the street. You do need sturdy walking shoes, however, so invest in some nice leather ones.

A Raincoat
You can leave the heavy parka behind when you visit Italy – unless you’re heading to the Alps in the winter. A trench coat that will turn rain is a much better idea for traveling in the major cities of Italy. In the spring and winter especially, a day that starts out sunny can wind up with dreary drizzle. Having a jacket that isn’t cumbersome, but that can turn away that rain will keep you dry and comfortable.

A Money Belt or Pouch

It’s not advised to carry a great deal of money on your body when you’re walking in Italy. Or rather, you shouldn’t carry the money anywhere that people can easily just lift if off you. Pick-pocketing is a very real problem in major Italian cities. Use a money belt or pouch under your clothing to keep your valuables close to you. Lock up items in the safe (and take the key) or use the hotel safe to store things like your passport and jewelry just in case.

A Nice Hat
Where else but Italy can you walk the streets with the sun on your brow one moment and the rain the next. While your rain coat will help keep your body dry, a nice hat can do a double duty of keeping the sun out of your eyes while in Tuscany and other bright places and also keep the rain off your face in Milan and Rome. Consider a nicer hat than a baseball cap, of course, and if having a hat makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t bring one along. You might just find a great one to buy while you’re there.