Italy in the Fall: Packing and Travel Tips

For many, the fall is the best time to travel to Italy. The weather tends to be mild, even a bit chilly at times, but certainly not hot or cold like the summer or winter. Additionally there are fewer travelers in the fall and you can usually find more affordable hotel rooms and airfare since you’re not traveling in the peak season of the summer months. The later you go to Italy in the fall months, the more affordable and comfortable you can expect your trip to be, especially if you plan well ahead of time.

Pack In Light Layers

Italy temperatures can change quite dramatically in the fall months. If you fly into Milan in northern Italy, it might feel cold only to find yourself almost sweating down on the coast further into the south. The way to beat this is to bring along multiple layers of lightweight clothing. Not only do you immediately gain many different outfits in a single suitcase, but you can mix and match for comfort and warmth as well.

Bring Outerwear

In the summer you might need a light rain jacket, but in the fall, you’re going to need a medium to heavy jacket, a lightweight raincoat and at least one cardigan or sweater as a critical layering piece. You’ll appreciate the heavy jacket as you get off the plane in northern Italy and if you spend any time by the water. The cardigan can travel with you and help regulate temperature and comfort as well as be handy when it’s time to go inside cathedrals and monasteries where you’ll be asked to cover your shoulders.

Wear Walking Boots

Italians don’t wear flip-flops the way Americans do, and they certainly don’t run around in athletic shoes unless they are literally running. They wear nice, sturdy leather shoes and you should, too. In comfortable shoes you’ll be able to walk all over the city and you won’t stick out like a novice tourist either, and that’s good for safety. Having closed toe shoes that are a bit weatherproof will help protect your feet from any weather conditions the fall throws at you as well.

Pack Light

Even if you’re traveling for weeks at a time, pack lightly in a single suitcase. Your goal should be to make everything fit into a carry-on sized suitcase. Do this by choosing layers carefully, wearing your bulky items and rolling your clothes to fit. Having a single suitcase makes it much easier to keep up with your belongings and to fit them into the trunk when you drive. Having items in the backseat is almost an invitation for thieves to break in and take things.