The Best Times to Travel to Italy


As much as we’d love to think that every day is a good day to visit Italy, there are definitely some days that are better than others. The best days for a general visit to Italy are in the spring – April through June. These early months are warm without being overwhelmingly hot. Of course if you’re planning a trip to Italy to do a bit more than just peek in the famous museums, you’ll want to plan accordingly for that.

The Best Overall Time for Italy
The spring is a lush time in Italy. The snow is melting in the Alps, the fields of Tuscany are covered in greenery and wildflowers and the weather is agreeable. There might still be bouts of rain from time to time, but the temperatures are easy to deal with – bring along a light rain jacket for warmth and protection as you need it in the major cities and you’ll be fine.These months are also not heavily traveled by the Italians who prefer to venture out for vacation destinations in July and August. If you can get to Italy before June, you’ll be in far less crowded conditions as well as many tourist families wait until school lets out to travel.

Skiing in Italy
Of course if your goal is a winter vacation in the Italian Alps (which are less expensive than the Swiss Alps, mind you) you’ll want to travel during the colder months of the year. The winter in the Alps is long and often brutal, so traveling over the holidays to the mountains is almost certainly going to be bitter cold. Traveling over a late winter, early spring break – perhaps February or March will give you the option of winter fun without having to deal with icy conditions on the slopes. If you travel long enough in March, for example, you’ll be able to spend the first week in the mountains enjoying winter fun and then spend a week touring the cities as the weather starts to warm up and the sun shines a bit.

Holidays in Italy
While it might not be advisable to spend the winter in the Alps unless you are an extreme outdoorsman or woman, the holidays can be a lovely time to visit Southern Italy. The special holiday traditions in the cities are fun to experience and you’ll be able to get amazing discounts on travel accommodations in the winter months as these are not prime traveling months. While most exhibits will be open to experience Italy on the inside, be