Travel to Italy in the Fall


The fall is one of the best times to visit Italy. As the days shorten and the weather cools, the lines in Italy are shortening and the prices for most attractions and tourist trappings are falling. Italy in the fall is a far cry from Italy in the peak of the summer months. Not only is the weather cooler, if more unpredictable, the cities are far less crowded. You’ll also have the opportunity to experience some of the most amazing food festivals in Italy during the fall, including the many festivals surrounding vineyards and truffles.

Fewer Tourists during the Fall

There are definitely fewer tourists in the fall wandering the streets of Italy. While this is excellent for the reduction of crowds and oppressive bodies in various piazzas and lines for museums, it also means you’ll need to plan your trip more carefully. Because the peak of tourist season has wrapped up, many museums and other popular locations shorten their hours. Many closer earlier in the day and others are now open only on the weekends. Plan ahead carefully to take advantage of the museums within this schedule.

Fall Weather in Italy

When you visit Italy in the fall, you must be ready for just about anything. A hike along the coast can get hot, even in short sleeves. Yet you’ll need a heavy sweater in the mornings and evenings father into the center of the nation. Weather is milder along the coast, and crisper in the interior. Additionally, November is the rainiest month in Italy, although there are still many sunny, bright days. Bring along a versatile coat that can keep you warm as well as dry. This is true for shoes as well. Plan to dress in layers to accommodate any weather pattern. Finally, Venice is known to flood during the fall with the increased rains. Stay flexible if Venice is part of your travel plans.

Festivals in the Fall

The food and festivals during the harvest months in Italy are spectacular. Among the most impressive are the festivals that are centered on truffles and wine. Truffles are fresh during the fall and will be featured in many Italian dishes. Also harvested in the fall are many forms of nuts, other mushrooms, olives and wine – all wonderful delicacies to sample with your meals and for special treats.