Italian Cuisine: Sardinia. A recipe: Lamns with Olives.

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Sardinia is an island, not only geographically. It is different, remained closed for long centuries in its ancient civilization.

Agriculture and pastoralism have always been the economical base of Sardinia, then a few years ago, came the boom of tourism.cucina sarda5

Conflicts today are all too evident, the ‘shock’ of moving so fast between old and new; that’s interesting especially and reflected throughout the island.

Traditions and folklore resist and they are still the richest and most vital of Italy. The heritage of a agro-pastoral culture is almost intact.

The authentic Sardinian cuisine, however, as those generally in the south, live only in homes. It is simple, consisting of basic ingredients and flavours, without elaboration and can be divided into two main chapters that correspond to times and places.

cucina sarda3grThe most ancient and typical Sardinian cuisine is the one linked to the ‘land’ of the island: its foundations are roasted meat (wild animals, fowl and pigs), bread, dairy products, honey, meats, vegetables. Kitchen of shepherds and farmers, made of aromatic herbs and fragrant wood, tasteful but not spicy.
The other Sardinian cuisine, much more recent but that has now several centuries, is linked to the sea. The source is composite. Many are the echoes and reminiscences of other cultures that served as a model and that left even names to dishes.

The fact is that the Sardinians were never seafarers, they preferred to settle in the interior of the island rather than on the coasts.

Lamb with Olivescucina sarda6

Difficulty: Easy

Time needed: 45min

1 kg of lamb,
wild fennel,
bay leaf,
red wine,
extra virgin olive oil,

– Fry in oil the chopped onion, a bay leaf and a pinch of salt.
– Add the lamb meat cut into pieces and fry for 5 minutes.
– Add the red wine and continue cooking over low heat.
– Add the olives and the chopped fennel.
– Serve hot.

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