A Tuscan Beauty, Pisa

When you get a postcard from Italy there is a big chance that it is going to have the Leaning Tower of Pisa on the front. The reason for this is because it is one of the most recognisable icons in the peninsula.

The Leaning Tower and the Colosseum are two unique icons that characterise Italy so why not for your next vacation to Italy why don’t you choose to fly into Pisa. The little town situated between the Tuscan hills is ideal also thanks to its international airport which connects you to most major European cities making it perfect for anyone flying in from outside of Italy. Its vicinity to other towns and cities of historical value such as Florence and Lucca mean that it also can be used as base for your next summer holiday or winter weekend escape.
The main attraction of the town is situated in Piazza dei Miracoli, which translated means the square of miracles. This name is fitting for a place that is truly a site to see. The 55 metre high tower was built ‘straight’ but due to unstable ground underneath its foundations it started to tilt even before it was finished being built. The structure became an icon and started to take away attention to the beautiful Cathedral and its surrounding gardens and grounds.

Tourists can now walk up the tower which was originally designed as a bell tower to the top viewing platform giving a view over the roof tops of the old Tuscan town. The stairs on the way up all worn out a great sense of the age of the building and the millions of people that have walked up them.
Apart from the tower the city of Pisa has a lot to offer from the main promenade that runs from one side of the city to the river Arno where most of the city is huddled around.
There are plenty of hotels, hostels and bed & breakfasts that cater for all types of tourists. The train station and airport are a bus ride or short walk from the city centre which makes it a great place to start your day trips to Florence and Lucca. With just a 1 hour and 30min train ride respectively it is very accessible place. In the summer the Italian coast line near Pisa offers a great beach location to grab some sun and sand before hitting the numerous restaurants and nightspots all along the coast.

Overall the town is a charming place which hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year so why don’t you start your Italian holiday next time in the town of Pisa within the Tuscan fields. It will be just like the front of the postcard that you send to your friends and relatives back at home.