A Day in Naples: itinerary.

prima11Here I will offer a route that will enable you the visit to the main goals of the City of Naples if you are in town one day. We take as a starting point Piazza Garibaldi, where the Naples Central Station and the bus Terminal are located. grazieThe tour will end in Piazza Vittoria, another important bus station where you will find links to go back in Piazza Garibaldi, or to the various stops of the Metro.
Well: we are already immersed in the historical center of Naples, entered the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a complex so rich in monuments and works of art to be called Open Air Museum. From Piazza Garibaldi proceed towards the Corso Umberto, famous for being one of the landmarks of the Neapolitan shopping.
Once in Piazza Nicola Amore turn towards via Duomo so reaching Cathedral of San Gennaro, containing the relics and the ampulla of the Holy Blood of the Saint and the underground church, recently opened to the public. Adjacent to the Cathedral there is the Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro, where you can admire the treasures left by devotion to the Saint from Nobili, Papi, important and ordinary people.
After this first step, continue through Via dei Tribunali where there are the churches of S. Lorenzo Maggiore, San Paolo Maggiore and San Gregorio Armeno with its monastery. This area is particularly famous for its Christmas markets among the most beautiful and interesting in the world. The shops are open all year round and among the shepherds you will find actors, politicians and showmen. If you have 2 more hours I recommend a trip to Naples underground tunnels to discover these strange narrow streets rich in stories and legends.secoda
Continue through Via dei Tribunali reaching San Severo Chapel in which we can admire one of the most fascinating and interesting work of art of the world artistic heritage, the Veiled Christ by Giuseppe Sanmartino. The famous artist Antonio Canova declared he would have changed ten years of his life just to be the author of this masterpiece.
Leaving San Severo Chapel head towards Via San Biagio dei Librai, also known as Spaccanapoli where we can admire the church of San Domenico Maggiore, the church of Gesù Nuovo, containing the relics of San Giuseppe Moscati, and the famous Monastery of Santa Chiara.
Go on walking in Spaccanapoli until you cross Via Toledo, another landmark of the Neapolitan shopping. Continue along Via Toledo, maybe catching some energy in the famous bakeries and pastry shops located along the way until you reach the Galleria Umberto, the famous arcade built in Naples between 1887 and 1880. gesThrough the various exits of the gallery it is possible to reach Piazza Municipio and the Maschio Angioino, Via San Carlo with its theatre and Plebiscito Square, location of the most important shows held in the city. In this area there are 2 rooms that have made the history of the Neapolitan Belle Epoque: the Salone Margherita, under the Galleria Umberto, and Cafe Gambrinus.
Continue your tour in Plebiscito Square reaching the Palazzo Reale, built by the Spanish monarchs around 1600. You are almost at the end of your tour. Walk towards the famous Via Santa Lucia reaching the Borgo Marinaro and Castel dell’Ovo, the oldest of the city. You cannot miss dinner in a restaurant of the Borgo Marinaro from which you can admire the most beautiful panorama of the world. Before you reach Piazza Vittoria, where you can take public transportation to all destinations in the city, we recommend a walk along the magnificent Via Caracciolo.
Have a nice day!
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