Traveling to Venice on a Budget


Venice is among the most expensive cities in Italy, and when you travel to a city such as Venice it’s easy to become entangled in the fun and grandness of the city. Saving money can be done, however, and it’s not especially challenging or even limiting to travel to Venice on a budget.

Stay Out of the City
Hotels in Venice are expensive, but you can easily enjoy the city by coming in for the day and leaving again after dinner in the evening. Check out surrounding cities that are just as notable yet much more reasonable when it comes to accommodations and crowding. Padua is one option as is Chioggia. Chioggia is especially well thought out in the summer months when a tourist boat travels between the city and St. Mark’s Square. Staying outside of the city gives you a few more options as well about where you’ll go and what you’ll do while in the region.

Eating for Less in Venice
If you want to keep your budget under reasonable control, skip all eateries around Piazza San Marco. Instead visit restaurants father out from the main square and tourist attractions.  If you’d like to have a drink while out and about, don’t sit down. Sit at the bar rather than a table, or buy a bottle of wine from a store rather than a bar or restaurant that will charge you handsomely for it by the glass.

Touring Venice for Less

Despite the sheer volume of water running throughout the city, Venice is designed to be toured on foot. Peek into the main tourist attractions around Piazza San Marco if you have the patience and budget, but there is just as much amazing art in other churches around the city, and all but Basilica San Marco are free to enter. Wander the streets in the company of a good map and enjoy the sights of the back streets and canals as much as the larger, more well-known areas.

One of the defining characteristics of Venice is the gondolas. You can certainly enjoy travel by water, but don’t go via gondola. You can skip the water taxis as well as these are also costly options. Instead, use the vaporetto, or water bus to see the city from the water. The number 1 vaporetto will take you along the Grand Canal and is a great way to see the city at night.