Planning for an Italian Vacation: Things You Should Do at Home

If you’re planning to head to Italy in the next few months, there are two types of activities to take into consideration. There are those that you should do spontaneously. And there are those you shouldn’t.

If you want to live on the wild side and enjoy the fun and freedom of travel, Italy is a great place to experience it, but you must do this with the understanding that with freedom of choice comes inevitable losses. For example, you can pick any number of adorable patios or restaurants to eat in when you’re hungry. The more spontaneous and original, the better. But if you’re planning to try and get into the Vatican museums, you need to be ready ahead of time. Buy tickets online and arrange your day so that you’re there at the right time. Otherwise you might miss out on the entire opportunity. The Vatican museum isn’t the only thing you should do at home. Here are a few others:

Check the Weather

Italy has several regions – all of which experience different weather. Before you head to the airport, check the weather in Italy for the duration of your stay. Is there a major heat wave or cool front expected? If so you want to be prepared with enough of the right clothing. Dressing in layers is always a great idea, but there are times when you’re short a layer or two or you’ll want to be dressed as comfortable as possible and you have the wrong t-shirt for the occasion.

Check Your Passport and Documents
Weeks before you head to the airport, you should absolutely check your passport and other official documents. Check to be sure that the airlines are still flying the flights you arranged. Check to be sure your passport is current. Look to see if there is any additional paperwork you might need before the trip. Having this done weeks ahead of time gives you some peace of mind as you work to organize other parts of the trip.

Arrange a Daily Schedule
If you want to stay loose and explore Rome or Venice, do so by all means. But strongly consider putting together a schedule of events during your stay to be sure you fit in the things you absolutely want to see or do. You don’t need to cram dozens of events into a single day, but you should have a basic sketch of the basics before you head out. Creating a blueprint of the trip also gives you a chance to arrange as many tickets online for museums and special attractions. Buying online ensures you have what you need and it usually offers a discount as well.