Mailing Treasures Home from Italy

Flying across one state has become complicated and expensive, and flying across the world is even more so thanks to rules and guidelines on baggage and weight limits. When you travel to Italy, you will likely find any number of items you need, but bringing them home again presents problems, often leading people to mail themselves items.

Leaving Room

In our current flight situation, there isn’t much room for extra items in a suitcase, especially if you’re trying to travel light. If you’re buying tiny things like magnets or a small glass ornament, wrapping that up in a pair of socks is likely all you need to do, but if you’re anything like most Italian travelers, you’re also buying crates of wine direct from the winery and you might be grabbing up some antiques or collectables. This means you have large items to transport.

Once upon a time you might have just packed an empty bag inside your big suitcase. You simply fill up your big bag with your newly purchased items and then you check that bag at the airport and continue on your way. With the price of checking luggage and the hassles you’d be faced with, there’s now more reasons than ever to mail your purchases home.

The Price of Mail

If you’re a traveler who loves to collect souvenirs, rather than bringing along a small spare suitcase for your items, strongly consider mailing your new purchases home. Many places will mail the items for you, especially wines and foods, but even if you just pick up trinkets here and there, you can take them to the post office, pay whatever the going rate is and then ship them home.

Unless you’re spending weeks in Italy, the packages will likely arrive after you do. If you are gone for multiple weeks, you can consider shipping at the end of your trip or just ship the packages to a friend – be sure you’ve arranged this ahead of time. Go ahead and bring along that small bag in your suitcase. While you’re moving around Italy, you can use it to store your new items.

In the days before you leave, take the bag and just put it inside a box at the post office or possibly in the hotel lobby. Buy the necessary insurance and tape it up. You’ll be there a week or two before your treasures. When they arrive, simply open your box and begin reliving your trip again.