Visiting the Charming Towns of Umbria


This beautiful region in the center of Italy is often called the green heart. Rolling, lush hills and spectacular sights make the region relaxing, rejuvenating and just plain fascinating. Umbria might be the smallest region in Italy, but it is home to one of Italy’s largest lakes. Here you’ll also find spectacular waterfalls and truly unique small towns to visit.

The largest town in Umbria and the region’s capital, Perugia has ancient medieval and Etruscan roots. Easily one of the nicest things about this ancient city is how well the public transportation works making it a nice place to start as you branch out to explore other territories as well. Come to Perugia in the summer and you’ll be able to enjoy the jazz festival. If you can put off your travels until the fall, you can enjoy a chocolate festival instead.

A lovely hill town, Orvieto sits over huge cliffs with a vast collection of monuments and museums. Thousands of years of history are shown in the Orvieto museums and when you’re done digesting what you can find in the many museums, there is a lovely duomo to explore as well. The mosaic façade of the cathedral is one of the best medieval monuments in Europe. Orvieto is another nice base for branching out and exploring Umbria as well as nearby Rome and Tuscany. Simply wandering outside of Orvieto will bring you in contact with Etruscan tombs and vineyards.

This popular pilgrimage location is the home ot the tomb of Saint Francis. The Saint Francis Basilica in Assissi is home to the tomb and many other fine artifacts and art pieces as well. Visiting Assisi also puts you in close contact with Roman ruins, medieval sites, museums and plenty of shops. There are also nice nature walks leaving from Assisi and reaching out into the countryside.

A walled hill town, Spoleto is one of the largest towns in Umbria. Within the walled city of Spoleto, you can find Etruscan, Roman and medieval sites. Among these are the most famous sites in the town, a medieval Rocca and Ponte delle Torri, or Bridge of Towers. Visiting Spoleto in the summer months provides warm weather ideal for exploring the lovely countryside around the area as well as an opportunity to enjoy the world famous Festival dei due mondi, or Two World’s Festival, in June and July of every year.