Horse Riding in Tuscany

One place in the world that definitely offers a great horseback riding getaway packages is in Italy in the region of Tuscany. Known for having a horse county, tourists can’t get enough of the region’s scenic places especially when mounted up a horse!

The natural setting of Tuscany makes the place ideal for fun horseback riding. The beautiful landscape exhibits Tuscany’s outstanding land mass which makes the place very interesting. The region is two thirds full of hills and just about a quarter full of mountains. As for the rest of Tuscany’s land, plains form valleys and situate the historical Arno River nearby. The place makes it suitable for a coarse yet exciting horse back riding fun. Horses in this area are fit and well-shaped for an all day riding activity.

The most common breeds of horses are crosses between the Italian, Maremma and Arab breeds. These horses stand tall from a height of 15.2hh to 16.2hh. Most of these horses in Tuscany are properly trained to safely interact with humans so visitors do not have to worry about dangers while around them. Expert trainers for horse riding are plenty in the region. Even professional and expert riders further employ their services to handle horses. Trainers are always around especially for vacationers who want to learn how to ride a horse. The trainers are so good and friendly that Tuscany soon grew to be a learning soil to ride horses. Thanks to these expert trainers, the horses are calm and docile enough to carry riders on their backs.

While mounted on the horses, visitors have different choices of trails to follow. For those who fear long horse treks, stationary rides are available and fun thing to do on its own. The revenues generated from pay horseback riding significantly contribute a large amount of the region’s tourism industry. It’s such a booming trade that’s why authorities offer good deals for locals to establish horse riding trails where they can derive a good income. Horseback riding in Tuscany is the key attribute of tourism in the region.

Horseback riding may be a prime activity in the region but tourists go to Tuscany mainly to experience the serenity of the place relaxing away in one of Italy’s famous tourist destinations. Getting a chance to mount a horse and be looked after by expert trainers is just an added bonus. All in all, it is really Tuscany’s perfect environment why horse riding is such a success in the region.

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