Daffodils in Full Bloom in Tuscany

Daffodil FestivalAt the Villa La Pescigola in the Lunigiana region of northern Tuscany, the daffodils are in full bloom. The 2008 Daffodil Festival has begun at the Villa just outside of Fivizzano, and with the festival in the height of its season, the flowers in the gardens are amazingly beautiful and the bright blooms are definitely worthy of a side trip.

Villa La Pescigola has a history dating back 600 years and the villa has long been in the possession of many aristocratic Tuscan families. The house with its various aviaries and covered walkways is situated on a hill amidst cultivated gardens and meadows. The villa and its grounds are enough to warrant an afternoon spent among the gardens and fountains, but when flowers are in bloom, the villa truly shines.

This year’s Daffodil Festival included more than 120,000 daffodils of sixty-six varieties. The flowers range from ancient stems to the latest hybrids to create highly fragrant varieties as well as blooms in a wide range of colors. From rose to coral and salmon, the daffodils are a rite of spring. The daffodil was chosen specifically for planting on the villa as it is an ancient flower, dear to the gods and traditionally a sign of the season.

Now that the weather is warmer and the air even fresher, take a tour of Villa La Pescigola to experience the daffodil maze recreated from the original 17th century maze which once stood on the property. Bright daffodils and irises stand proudly along walkways and around gardens. Fountains and the beauty of the villa walls help to offset the clear beauty of the flowers and create the perfect backdrop for family pictures or even weddings.

Visit the 2008 Daffodil Festival between March 16th and April 13th to experience the coming of spring in all its glorious beauty. You might even order your own bulbs to be delivered in October as a memento of the gardens of Italy. To view the gardens during the week, you must call or email to set up an appointment.

If you happen to miss the 2008 Daffodil Festival, never fear – the gardens will be open again in May for the annual blooming of the azaleas, rhododendron, peonies and roses. Visit the villa from May through the end of June for even more breathtaking floral scenery.

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