Spiritual and Intimate Locations in Central Italy

image o external view of the fortress monastery of Santo Spirito

Fortress Monastery of Santo Spirito

Italy is mostly famous and attracts most tourists thanks to the eternal city of Rome, the arts and style of Florence, and the unique city of Venice. Many travel south from Northern Europe for a relaxing and warm summer holiday on the riviera romagnola or other locations deep south.

But there is an unexplored wilderness right at the heart of Italy just over one hour from Rome: The Abruzzo region.

Abruzzo: Strong and Gentile

When visiting L’Aquila in 1980, Pope John Paul II described people from Abruzzo, as “Forti ma gentili” a people with strength yet gentile, meaning hospitable and helpful at heart.

For those seeking a simple holiday with an interest in nature and the mountains, Abruzzo has many attractions to offer, a combination of traditions handed down through the centuries and fascinating locations such as the Monastery Fortress of Santo Spirito.

Monastery Fortress of Santo Spirito

The Monastery Fortress of Santo Spirito is a quiet and secluded location, an ancient medieval installation dating back to 1222 and overlooking the aquilano valley with the Gran Sasso d’Italia ever since. The ideal place for a romantic holiday nested away in the mountains.

Santo Spirito is easily reachable from anywhere in Italy, thanks to the proximity to the A24 motorway (approximately 15 minutes from the L’Aquila EST exit), in particular from the Rome and Pescara airports, making this a popular travel destination within Europe.

view of the mountains and Gran Sasso d'Italia from the terrace of Santo Spirito

View from the terrace over the valley

The view on the valley is spectacular. There is a large terrace where Guests enjoy late afternoon aperitifs after a day out in the countryside during summer months.

A view of the aquilano valley

View from Santo Sprito

During winter months the Monastery Fortress of Santo Spirito is popular also for its strategic position close to the slopes of the Gran Sasso and Campo Felice: a warm intimate retreat after a day out on the snow.

More recently Santo Spirito has become very popular as a Castle Hotel Retreat, a romantic location for a quiet, relaxing and intimate romantic weekend for those wanting to sleep in a castle: considering the vicinity of Santo Spirito to the airports of Fiumicino and Ciampino (Rome) and that of Pescara, departure on Friday and return on Sunday is a feasible solution for a romantic getaway from all major European capitals.

a foto of an exposition area at santo spirito

One of the Chamber s at Santo SPirito

What sets The Monastery Fortress of Santo Spirito in a class of its own is the combination of a majestic location, centuries of history and an informal yet respectful family management, making this retreat one of the most exclusive in all of Abruzzo at competitive rates.
In recent years a meticulous work of restoration have brought back to ancient splendor the church and bordering halls, making Santo Spirito a preferred travel destination also for those getting married in Italy: As many travel to better known locations, Abruzzo and Santo Spirito are a new and unique opportunity for a quiet and romantic wedding and wedding party.

But Santo Spirito isn’t only history and nature it’s also about top quality cuisine: recently the hotel has added a restaurant facility with a world class chef boosting a Michlen star: now you can also enjoy some of the best Italian dishes at Santo Spirito, not only for a great meal but also for a ceremony or wedding party.

The Monastery Fortress of Santo Spirito is a very different place to spend a holiday, somewhere you’ll enjoy a sort of mystical and intimate contact with nature, in a historical surrounding just minutes away from the most important airports of central Italy.

Santo Spirito is a unique location ideal for a relaxing holiday in Abruzzo as well as a romantic getaway: an intimate retreat after a day out on the snow in winter or a cool location after a day out trekking or bike riding during the summer months.

For those seeking a place to get married in Italy, Santo Spirito can offer a turnkey solution for the church to the reception and host your Guests travelling with you from abroad.

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