Free Sights and Attractions in Rome


As wonderful and even romantic as a trip to Italy can be, it is almost certainly going to be expensive. The airfare alone is worthy of a day’s rest to recover, but once you arrive in Italy, you’re not totally committed to spending an arm and a leg to see some of the sights. The cities of Italy have many free attractions. If you’re a shoestring traveler, start with these and save those hard earned nickels for other must-see attractions. Even if price is no object, you might enjoy saving enough to spend more on some authentic items to send home.

La Bocca della Verita – Made immortal in Roman Holiday, the “Mouth of Truth” is free to see and you can even try your own hand at telling lies with your hand in the mouth. Do so at your own risk, of course.

Piazza Navona – Enjoy musical performances and the hob nob of the crowds in this popular piazza. There is no charge for people watching and enjoying the sights and sounds, but bring your own food because the neighboring café’s will cost you an arm and a leg.

St. Peter’s Basilica – One of the favorite tourist destinations in Rome, this large church is free although you will be surrounded by many others and be forced through a metal detector on your way inside.

Spanish Steps – Best to view during daylight hours, the grand set of steps are absolutely free and it’s a great place to rest for a bit with a snack or gelato.

Constantine’s Arch – Built in the 4th century, this impressive giant arch is the largest in Rome and certainly worthy of a quick, free, visit.

Villa Borghese Gardens – The perfect place for a picnic and a chance to run off some pent-up energy for the little people, the Villa Borghese Gardens are open and free to the public. Continuing on to the Galleria Borghese will be more expensive, however, if you choose to go.

Pantheon – The large ruins in Rome are completely free to visit and enjoy. This is a nice destination for the middle of the day as well when the sun is beating down – you’ll enjoy the shade.

Trevi Fountain – This famous fountain is on just about everyone’s must-see list. Of course, viewing the fountain might be free, but you’ll still want to toss in a coin as the tradition dictates, so that’ll cost you a bit of change.

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