The Egyptian Museum in Turin.


Turin is one of the major Italian cities and is located in Piedmont. It has about 909,193 inhabitants.
Turin is a Roman and Baroque city and houses one of the greatest artistic heritages throughout Italy and it was at the beginning of ‘900, the cradle of Futurism.

One of the main attractions of this city, though unusual, is the Egyptian Museum. This is considered, for the value of the finds, the most important in the world after Cairo, and the most important in Italy. egizio5

The Egyptian Museum shows several collections and the findings coming from the excavations conducted by the Italian Archaeological Mission in Egypt between 1900 and 1935. At that time archaeological finds were shared between Egypt and the archaeological missions. The current low requires that the findings remain in Egypt.

The museum is housed in the historic Palazzo dell’Accademia delle Scienze.

Every year is visited by a large number of people and in 2006 a total of 554,911 people has been reached.


In the halls of the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities are now exposed about 6,500 objects. More than 26,000 artefacts cannot be seen because they are of scientific interest only (pottery, fragmentary statues, baskets, stele, papyrus) and they are the subject of studies whose results are regularly published.

Among the most important objects there are:
– the Princess Redit
– the intact tomb of Kha and Merit
– the mummy mask of Merit
– the cave temple of Ellesija
– the Canone Reale, known as the Papyrus of Turin, one of the most important sources on the sequence of the Pharaohs
– the Sculptural group of pharaoh with god Amun
– the Mensa Isis,
– the painted canvas of Gebelein
– the reliefs of Djoser
– the statues of the goddesses Isis and Sekhmet and that of Ramesses IIegizio1
– the Papyrus of gold mines
– the Book of the Dead of Iuefankh.

Opening times:
From Tuesday to Sunday from 8:30 to 19:30 (last admission 18:30).

Full price: € 7.50.
Reduced: € 3.50.
Free of charge: people under 18 and over 65, disabled, military.

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