Limocello: a taste of Campania

limoncelloLimoncello is a delicious Italian drink, made from the goodness of the best lemons and sipped, not only in Italy but also in many countries overseas.
It comes from a sober and healthy recipe, consisting of the yellow skin of the lemon and enriched by water, alcohol and sugar.
The origins of this nectar of the lemons are really uncertain and confused and more than one city boasts to have invented it including the isle of Capri, Sorrento and Amalfi.limoni11
Many legends were born on this liquor. In Amalfi, for example, some peolple say this liqueur has very ancient origins, linked to the cultivation of the lemon.
Someone says that the limoncello was used by fishermen and farmers in the morning to fight the cold, even at the time of invasion Saracena.
Others, however, argue that the recipe was born in a monastery to delight monks between prayers.

Here is the recipe for limoncello.

List of ingredients:

12 untreated lemons and just picked from, if possible just become yellow.
1 / 2 liters of alcohol
1 / 2 kilo of sugar
1 / 2 liters of water

The procedure:
Wash the lemons very carefully: they must remove all the impurities.
Peel the lemons with a very sharp knife slicing only the yellow part, the white part would give the liquor a bad bitter taste. limoni-pelati1
In a wide-mouth container that can held 2 or 3 liters with sealing, put  the lemon rinds, the alcohol, the sugar and the water.
Mix everything  with a wooden spoon and close the container; place it in a quiet place, where there are no movements.
Twice a day, morning and evening, open the container and mix the content with a wooden spoon. After six days, the limoncello is almost ready: just filter it!
Prepared a bottle in which to insert a funnel with a bit of cotton wool as a filter well stuck in the hole of the fennel. Pour the limoncello into it.  It will start very slowly to flow in the transparent bottle.
The filtering operation takes about one day.  Do not ever touch or squeeze the cotton wool before filtering is finished..
The limoncello has to be drunk quite cold,  at refrigerator temperature.

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