Embracing the Culture of Italy

When you visit Italy, don’t be afraid to let loose and love life as the locals do. Italy is a country of tradition and passion, and what better place is there to find your own sense of relaxed passion than in the ancient cities of Italy?

The People of Italy

In Italy you’ll find welcoming people virtually anywhere you visit. If you’re used to vacations in remote locations where your primary interaction is with almost silent servers, you’re in for a treat in Italy. You’ll start your trip with a friendly tour guide or can driver. Stay at a bed and breakfast or a small family-run inn rather than a big hotel and you’ll be embraced as part of the mix very early on and you can enjoy this sort of hospitality throughout your stay. The warm reception will follow your through every city you visit, especially those in central and southern Italy.

Follow the Local Schedule

While you’re in the cities of Italy, do as the locals do. Enjoy a peaceful breakfast gazing out at the view before getting a leisurely start to your day. The people of Italy don’t bustle off to work at seven in the morning – they walk to work closer to nine. Then plan on taking a break after lunch for a quiet time of rest and relaxation as is the custom in many of the towns. This should be easy to do as so many of the shops and major tourist attractions are closed. Head back to your room and take a nap – you’ll appreciate the energy later in the day. Eat dinner late, often not until close to nine in the evening and celebrate the event every time.

Embrace Italian Everything

When in doubt do as the locals do. You might be in Italy enjoying the sights like so many tourist, but you will get a full flavor of Italy if you wander off the beaten tourist track and ask locals, or even follow them, to good restaurants, bars and attractions. The best experiences in Italy aren’t the obvious ones written up in tour guides and offered on a bus full of passengers. Make time in your trip to spend a few hours at a local sporting event, or get swept up in a local pageant or festival – these are the sorts of experiences that truly define Italy.