While in Italy….Watch Soccer


Soccer is more than a past-time in Italy. It is a game held close to the hearts of the people and the Italians love all of their soccer teams with fierce passion. From the local club team to the national team, Azzurri, soccer is a sport that inspires even the most passive Italian into a bit of a fierce moment should things be looking badly for his team.

Italian Soccer
The soccer season in Italy lasts from August to May; a fair portion of the year, making it easy for visitors to catch a game while in Italy. The National Team competes for the World Cup and those tickets would be all but impossible to obtain from the fierce Italian fans should you even be in a position to see any national games.

But there are plenty of opportunities to see soccer played in Italy. Serie A football leagues are the top tier. There are twenty teams that play for different regions of Italy in Serie A, although those teams can change if points drop one team to Serie B and raise a B team to the A levels. These games can be expensive to attend, but they are the most thrilling of the soccer experiences in the nation. The regions dedicated to each team are more than fiercely loyal – they can be dangerous to opposing team fans.

Watching Italian Soccer
If you have no team preference you’re in luck – you can love the one you’re with. Score tickets to a calcio, or soccer, game and be sure you know who the home team is. Cheer like a native for that team and you’ll not only get carried away with enthusiasm, you’ll also be safe.

In some areas of Italy, fans of the opposing team are required to enter the stadium together and to sit together in the stands under police protection. If you do happen to support the other team, be sure to research how the local team reacts to visitors to know your best bet on behavior and staying out of those fights passionate soccer fans are so likely to start.

If you can’t afford a Serie A game, there are lower levels as well that are less expensive, but no less passionate. Ask around to see what games might be played while you’re in town to consider stopping by the stadium to experience one of Italy’s most passionate past-times.